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Trial of the Chicago 7 (A Netflix Review)

Posted in Uncategorized on October 17, 2020 by drevolution357

“The trial of the Chicago 7” Excellent story. Excellent writing. Excellent editing. This movie is in my top 3 movies on Netflix in 2020. It was great seeing Eddie Redmayne I think he’s a hella of an actor. Been a fan since “The Theory of Everything.” I haven’t been so excited about a movie since Spike Lee’s “Da 5 Bloods.” I give this movie 4 stars for having the guts to this story and telling it well. Join our Netflix group

American Murderer ( A Netflix Review)

Posted in Uncategorized on October 2, 2020 by drevolution357

“American Murderer” is one of those documentaries that having you thinking why people do what they do. This documentary will have you yelling at the t. v. “Did you really think you were going to get away with that!” Pussy is good but not good enough to make me kill my kids; but it is good. American Murder is a crime I’ve seen played out again and again in the news. This was no different. It also shows what I consider being white people’s problems. They will kill their family, but would not kill for justice and equality. This was a good documentary, but more of the same shit we’ve seen already. 3 stars from me. Join the or Netflix group

Nurse Ratched ( A Netflix Review)

Posted in Uncategorized on September 28, 2020 by drevolution357

“Nurse Ratched.” Great cinematography. Great acting. However, it was difficult to get into .This series had to many overlapping storylines. Too many moving parts. It’s straightens out by the time you get to the 5th or 6th episode and becomes more enjoyable. I think it will be a challenge for some to get through the first few episodes because of all the different moving parts. I Still have to recommended it. I give it 3 stars. Join  our Netflix group

Cuties ( A Netflix Review)

Posted in Uncategorized on September 16, 2020 by drevolution357

“Cuties,” good, but risky this film was 1 step away from child pornography. Be honest, this is how little girls act and it was an interesting story kept my interest throughout the film. They dubbed this film in English that was the horrible part of this film. I love the last shot of Amy jumping rope great way to end this movie. I give it 3 stars. I say it’s worth your time.

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Un-edited excerpt 9/14/2020

Posted in Uncategorized on September 14, 2020 by drevolution357

I thought about Sasha and remembered I told her I would come and see her. I went upstairs and knocked on her door; she answered in her robe, shocked to see me. “I didn’t expect you tonight.” I said, “I told you I was stopping by.” She smiled. “I’m glad you did.” I entered her bedroom, and she sat on the bed. I had one thing on my mind and it didn’t require any talking.  She said, You lucky to have caught me, I just got out the shower and was about to lay it down.” I thought to myself, “A fresh clean pussy, my timing is perfect.” I felt my dick getting hard. She asked me to sit next to her.  I really felt like I was about to lose control. I looked at her and said, “Sasha, I’m horny as hell. It may not be wise to sit next to you. Sasha laughed and said, “I know how you feel, I’m horny too.”  When she said that my dick got one hundred percent hard. I took what she said as an invitation. I sat on the bed next to her and leaned over to kiss her on the neck. She pulled back. “I’m horny, but I’m married. Shocked, I said, “where is your husband, and why is his wife in a half-way house horny?” She laughed, and said, “While I was locked up; my husband thought it would be a good idea to move to Waukegan Illinois, and that’s about an hour away, I’ve only have seen him once since I got out.” Sasha lays back on the bed. There are things we can do to relieve us of our horniness. Sasha laughs,” is horniness a word?” I laughed and said, yeah, it’s our word for tonight.” Sasha slowly opened her robe, and  I softly said. “you have beautiful body. Sasha took two fingers and put them in her mouth and then slowly put the finger on her clit and softly said,” watch me.” She started masturbating my dick was bulging my pants I got up to adjust myself. “Pull out your dick.” I probably had my dick out before she could finish her sentence.  She continued to lie on the bed and she said, “come over here” I walked over to her and stood over her while she played with her clit and then she said, “Play with it.” I started jagging my dick off, and she started playing with her clit more aggressive. I reached for her breast, I wanted to cuff her breast that had dark chocolate nipples, but before I did I said, can I touch your breast?” She moaned loudly and said,” yes” and then she said, “stroke your dick faster, let me see you play.” I was in full motion, masturbating with her. I spoke out and said, I love that hairy pussy.” She said,  “you do? Touch it.” I reach over and rubbed my finger through her pubic hair, jagging off with my other hand and then my muscles tighten up as I ejaculated on her chest. I moaned like a bitch, because I needed that release. Sasha looked at me and said,  “watch me cum.” I continued to watch her become more and more passionate about pleasing herself. She softly said, “I’m about to cum.” I watched as fluid squirted across the room. I said, “damn baby that has to be a squirt record your shit squirted all the way over there.” We both laughed.   She looked at me, “Did you get  what you needed?” I said no, “but close enough.”

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Strange but True ( A Netflix Review)

Posted in Uncategorized on September 11, 2020 by drevolution357

“Strange but true”. It seems the writer forgot in the middle of the story what it was about, because it did not completely explain or resolve the title strange but true. I finished this film wondering what was strange and what was true. I can not recommend this film. 2 stars from me.  Join the fastest growing Netflix group

“Alive” (A Netflix Review)

Posted in Uncategorized on September 10, 2020 by drevolution357
#Alive tells the story of two people struggling to survive as a mysterious illness spreads throughout Seoul. Photo: Spackman Entertainment Group

In most cases, if you’ve seen one zombie movie you’ve seen them all. “Alive” is as good as any. It’s your typical healthy character trying to survive. The only problem with this film is the chief actor was not very convincing. But if you want to be entertained this movie is as good any. This is the second Korean zombie movie I’ve seen in the last 18 months, the first is “A Train to Busan” Which I found to be more entertaining. I give ” Alive” 2 1/2 stars a good source of entertainment. Join the fastest growing Netflix group

Un-edited Excerpt 9-7-2020 (Half Empty Half Full)

Posted in Uncategorized on September 7, 2020 by drevolution357

We enter Soul food Cafe’. Jeff and I slowly sit down bet you missed having some good soul food. I looked over at the buffet and said, you damn right; the food smell so good,. The thick chocolate waitress walks over looks at me, ” Did you guys want to order off the menu or will you be eating from the buffet. Jeff looks at me as if my answer will determine his answer. I looked at her, ” I’ll have the buffet.” Jeff quickly followed, ” I will as well.”  The waitress walked away. I said, ” Jeff, I need your help.” Jeff puts a hand up and stops me from talking. “Dude, I just finished a four-hour class, let me get something to eat, and then we can talk.” I chuckled, “yeah, you right.” We both get up and pile our plates with food. We return to the table. I didn’t hesitate, ” Jeff, I need to borrow three hundred dollars. Jeff laughs, “you don’t waist any time, do you?” I looked at him and said, “Jeff don’t laugh; I’m starting over again and this bitch at the half-way house is taking full advantage. I have to pay her three hundred a month, but  haven’t been able to find a job.” Jeff looks at me and says, “Man, stop putting yourself in this position. ” Jeff pauses, ” you know why we still friend, I love your composure; you have a natural calmness about you, you don’t let  things shake you up.” The waitress walks over.  ” Do you guys need anything?” We both replied, “No, thank you.” Jeff continues, “but your calm demeanor is also your biggest hinderance. I said, ” what do you mean?” He said, “because you lack fear you take many chances and never think about the consequences and sometime having a one track mind can lead to many problems. Kinda what you’re going through now.” I stuff my mouth with food, trying to figure out what Jeff was saying. I said, yeah, I’m tired of having to answer to someone. Like this bitch Ms. Davis threatens me every time she feels like it.” Jeff sips out of his cup.  “Niven you move with no purpose. You decide for the here and now, but not for a year from now. Remember when one person showed up to our class, and I told you to trust the process. If we would have worked harder to get people in the class, then you wouldn’t have turned to drugs. Now the same money your asking to borrow is coming from that same training class. Let me ask you a question, but you don’t have to answer this. If the class would have started with a 100 members, would you have asked Stacy to get that abortion?” What Jeff said made me think, and I don’t like the answer to his question. Jeff continues, “Niven there are things moving around you that’s guiding you if pay attention to the signs; speaking of signs, look behind you. I turned around and saw a sign that read “Now Hiring.” “What are the odds we come here to eat and this place is hiring.” I said, “Man, I’m not trying to work in a restaurant.” “Did you hear anything I just said; It’s not about what you want, it’s about following the signs. If you do not fill out an application, I will not give you the three hundred dollars. I look at him with disbelief. He quickly said Cause and Effect. When he said that a thought came to my mind of sitting in the abortion clinic looking at a magazine that said “Cause and Effect. Jeff continues, “Do you remember the girl I used to date name MIchelle?” I said, yeah, that arrogant chick. I left her alone because she refuses to look at herself. She walked around like her shit didn’t stink, but could never understand why she didn’t have friends. I had to let her go, because she refused to grow. the point is when you choose not to grow you’ll never be happy. I will never allow someone else misery to bring me down. Michelle was a miserable bitch who almost destroyed me. I laughed and said, “that’s how she looked every time I saw her. “Do you wanna be like that?” “Hell no!” “well wake up and respect guidance set before you and fill out that damn application. We both laughed.

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Frozen Ground ( Netflix Review)

Posted in Uncategorized on September 6, 2020 by drevolution357

 “Frozen Ground”  A good old fashion detective thriller. I am not a huge Nicholas Gage fan, but this is the second movie I’ve seen within a year that he impressed me. The first movie being “Between Worlds.“ John Cusack is also convincing in this film. This movie took its time telling the story and letting everything unravel at a perfect pace. I give this film 3 1/2 stars. It’s worth your time. Join the fastest growing Netflix group

Night Comes ON ( A Netflix Review)

Posted in Uncategorized on August 30, 2020 by drevolution357


“Goldie,” “A Girl like Grace,” “First Match,” and now “Night Come on,” all these movies have a common theme mis -place mis-guided females .Night come on was an incomplete story  personally, I’m sick of black men being the villain to the black women. “Night Come On,” is an incomplete story that takes you nowhere. Many moments during this film I almost cut it off.  You can not deprive your audience for an hour without unfolding the story. It’s frustrating. I can not recommend this film. 2 stars from me. Join the fastest growing Netflix group

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