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For real! I gotta go! Going from love to hate is a slow process until one day you wake up and say, “Why am I putting up with this?” That day finally came for Netflix after a five-year relationship I had the realization this relationship was over and was time to try something new like HBOMAX. Something has changed with Netflix. The diversity appears to less and less. African movie is not the same as watching African American movies (Just a hint for white people) I’m not sure what’s Netflix protocol for making movies but they need to upgrade. Yes, you can get away with cliche movies, because the average person just want to be entertained, but people like myself who are true lovers of cinema and storytelling are annoyed with Netflix and yes I’m speaking for all of us. You may find one out of ten movies that are good and that’s really frustrating to those who love storytelling.. Personally I love all movie foreign, animation and I don’t mind reading sub-titles the first thing I watched some years back was “Gantz:O” I loved it, and then I watched “Imperial Dreams” I thought I was in heaven. Netflix has slowly declined over the last few years. Are they reading the screenplays before they green light a film? I think not. Quality over quantity. I don’t care how many film and series you have if they all suck you are going to lose customers. I shouldn’t have to wait three years for a “Bird Box” type of film. An Asian film “The Call” was good. “The trial of the Chicago 7” “Da 5 Bloods.” “All day and a Night.” “The Pharmacist” (documentary) Speaking of documentaries that has fallen off as well. You guys are falling behind by trying to please everyone I rather pay for fewer movies selection than a ton of horrible ones. “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” was the last thing I saw that was good. Nope my mistake “Castlevania.” I want to be very clear I watch all films, not just black films, none of them are good. None! Once you guys get the reputation of having horrible films, it’s going to be hard to come back from that. Especially with the other streaming services breathing down your neck. Do you know how much history HBO has? Or Disney? Soon you won’t be able to compete. I write this open letter out of love I hope you guys listen.

Awake (A Netflix Review)

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Awake! No No No. This is a BirdBox wanna be. Every movie should a beginning middle and end. This movies seem to only have a middle and end. Another movie that doesn’t respect its audience. There was a church scene in the movie where character was shot in the back of the head for no reason.; he falls to his stomach and the movie cuts to another scene and then cuts back to the shot man laying on his back as soon one goes in his front pocket and takes his wallet. Since when do we put our wallets in our front pocket? I can name several scenes like this in the movie. They poorly acted this movie not believable and poorly written. It appeared the director wanted to create drama where there was no drama. 2 stars from me and trust me I’m being generous.

Half Empty Half Full (New excerpt 06/07/2021)

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It was gloomy, and I had no pen and paper. All my
emotions were built up in the middle of my chest. I
thought I had a heart attack. Suddenly I yelled, “I’m
going to kill that muthafucka Rusty!” As I heard myself
say the words, it revealed where my rage was.

A week later, I was released from solitary when I
entered the cell; Zion was doing push-ups, looked up
at me, and said, “What’s Up?” He then starts this weird
kicking formation, and after that, he starts stretching.
I said, “What are you doing?” He never looks at me.
“I’m going to teach Punch lesson.” Again, Zion was
a serious dude. I somewhat admired Zion and the way
he approached things.
I immediately grabbed a pen and paper to write the
girls a letter and as soon as I did an officer yells, “Niven,
I need you in laundry detail.”
“Fuck! Can’t they do it without me?”
Officer replies, “They probably can, but they won’t.”
I angrily leave the cell and head to the laundry room.
I went to the laundry room, and everything appeared
to be clean and folded. There is a reason I chose laundry
detail. I did laundry on my first bid. I hid a shank behind
dryer “B” during my first bid. While no one was around,
I walked over to the dryer and reached my hand under
the right corner and felt my shank I hid here almost two
years ago. I hurried and put it back as I heard someone
walking in my direction.
I returned to my cell. Zion was on the top bunk reading. I said, “What are you studying?”
Zion looks at me. “Behold A Pale Horse.”

I chuckled and said, “What?”
He said it’s a textbook about conspiracy theories. I
said, “You believe in conspiracies?”
He said, “Yes, it comes a day when conspiracy theories are no longer a theory. It’s more to this world than
what you can see.”
Laughing, I said, “How do you know that? If you
can’t see it,”
Zion looked at me with a serious face. “Do you only
believe what you can see?”
I said, “Yes.”
He said, “That’s why you’re here.”
Annoyed, I said, “You’re here too.”
“Yes, but it’s my destiny to be here; I have a fiveyear sentence, I doubt if I live that long.”
Having trouble understanding what he was saying,
I said, “What?”
Zion closed his book and said, “I’ve seen some
things that are not a part of this earth.”
I said, “Like what.”
Zion takes a deep breath and says, “I had a best
friend named Jamal. Jamal was set up and ambushed
by the Bogish boys. Do you know who the Bogish boys
I said, “Yes, I’ve heard of them.

Zion continued. “I wanted to kill Dice, the head of
the Bogish Boys. I followed him one morning, loaded,
cocked, and ready, and he went into the store. I parked
my car, and as soon as I got out of the car, the sky turned
purple, and I didn’t know where I was. I looked around
and saw these kids, and I saw nuns. One nun walked up
to me and said, ‘I will save your life.’ The next thing I
know, I was waking up at home and realized I never left
the house.”
Confused, I said, “Huh.”
He looked at me and said, “I know it’s hard to
believe, but I’m sure it was real. When I got up, I didn’t
feel the same. I didn’t want to take part in killing another
Blackman; my entire mindset was different, and ever
since that day, I’ve been reading and trying to find the
missing link I responded, “I’ve never met a cat like you.”

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Army of the Dead ( A Netflix Review)

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Zack Snyder Is a person in Hollywood who got his name from the movie 300 (in my opinion) Army of the dead proves this man don’t give a damn about story telling just special effects. Almost every Zack Snyder movie I’ve seen has been garbage. Batman vs. Superman was wack. I just looked up his resume and realize he did “Sucker punch.” I thought Sucker Punch was the worse movie ever made I didn’t know it was him. But now it’s making sense. All he cares about is special effects. That’s it! Army of the dead was so predictable that I thought I seen it before. There is nothing in this movie that allows me to recommend it. Zack Snyder better stop believing the hype or he could go down as the worse director in Hollywood. Yes, the audience like special effects, but want a well-told story. Story-telling is what made “Black Panther” so special with little special effects but of course he didn’t direct that. A 1/2 star from me not worth your time.

Ride or Die ( A Netflix Review)

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Kanojyo Ride Or Die. Kiko Mizuhara, Honami Sato in Kanojyo Ride Or Die. Cr Aiko Nakano/NETFLIX © 2021

Ride or die. Interesting film made for LGBTQ I didn’t know that before I put it on, but this film is absolutely for lesbians. The movie pretty good and took its time to tell the story, but I appreciated that. Some of the sex scenes were very close to watching porn, things you will never see in an American film. Asian film making has always been interesting to me. This film is in English. 3 stars from me.

Mirage ( A Netflix Review)

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Mirage is an idea that was poorly developed. It is possible this could have been a great movie, but the writer and director got so caught up in the original concept that they didn’t make sure we understood it. In most case when of you have a unique storyline you must go above and beyond to bring it across correctly. Explain to us very carefully what the hell is going on….The last thing you want is for your audience to be scratching their head trying to figure things out. 2 stars from me.

The Woman in the window ( A Netflix review)

Posted in Uncategorized on May 16, 2021 by drevolution357
THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW, Amy Adams, 2020. © 20th Century Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

The woman in the window. Let me tell you why this film didn’t work for me. I look at writing, because I am a writer so at times that spoils it for me. I saw all the cliches in this film. Hollywood uses this formula in many films. I call these types of movies “Who done it “films. The notion of nothing is what it seems. M. Night Shyamalan mastered the “who Done it” film with “The sixth sense” and they have been trying to duplicate this formula over and over. The Woman in the window gets a thumbs down from me, there is nothing new here.

Castlevania Season 4 (A Netflix Review)

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“Never be afraid to upgrade an idea.” Season 4 of Castlevania did not disappoint. Okay let’s talk about the black elephant in the room “Issac” absolutely stole the series with his Unorthodox nature. I wish I would have seen more of him. It would be really smart for Netflix to have a spin-off called “King Issac.” Issac is what got the fans through all the seasons of Castlevania. Belmont and team were fighters and good at it, but Issac had personality. I’m glad I started this series.

My biggest mistake as a dad

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When you know better, do better noble words spoken by the beautiful Maya Angelou. I grew up without a father. To all the baby mothers out there, please understand before you have a child by a man that he has his father in his life. The reason we must understand this is that a man has to learn and work his way through as a father when he has children. There are some women right now yelling, “So do women!” Hold up, calm down. Women are born with natural abilities to take care of their child. There is a natural connection after bonding with the child nine months. Men do not have that bond; we have to build it once the child is here on earth. I have daughters. Early in my daughter’s life, I felt I had to look strong and cool in front of my daughters. Believe it or not, I feel that way naturally when I’m around the female species. I’m from the hood (I hate saying that, cause the hood ain’t shit) where we would pride ourselves off being hard and having swag. What I didn’t understand was none of that hardcore shit matters to your daughters?

I can remember having my daughters and walking through the flea market with them. I’m walking nonchalantly, looking hard while my two daughters walk behind me and watch my every move. I did things like this every time I had them. It was important to give off an energy that I was hard and that my daughter knew I was cool.. This is the biggest mistake we make as black fathers. One day my daughter told me she liked me when I was mean; That was a warning for things to come. I was never mean to my daughters, but they perceived it that way. My daughter at a young age saw it as attractive. This is not the message I wanted to give, but looking back I didn’t know how to relate to them on a different level As a nigga from the hood (fuck the hood). Even though at the time I was a poet performing all over the city. I was in the newspaper. I was on the radio., and even on T. V but I never shared those things with them. I was winning awards and doing some many positive things, but how I wanted them to see me was an idea of who I thought I was. It took me years to figure this out.

Fast Forward: Again I was in the flea market and I saw this guy walking with his two daughters and he was doing the same thing I used to do. His slow walk and nonchalant attitude were more important to him. As I became older and my daughters became young women. The daughter who told me she liked me when I was mean began dating niggas that hit on her and having babies with dudes that I perceived to be hood niggas (fuck the hood). My daughter dates perceptions of me. Hold up! Daddy is a writer and poet. “Why can’t you date someone like me? I gave her the wrong idea of who I thought I was. I never wanted to take any of the blame on how she lived her life, but the truth is I have to, and so do my father and grandfather. Believe it or not, I did what I thought was being a man.

The Point  

Show your children the best you. Let them see you smile and be playful.They don’t care about swag and toughness, they just want to be with their dad. What you show them now is how they will develop later.

Monster (A Netflix Review)

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Monster is the wrong title for this movie. I can’t say this enough: a movie set in the hood isn’t about using the N word. The hood is about a mentality. The way a person moves to dodge a landmine. This movie had potential to be good, but there was something missing in the story. I believe this would have been a better film had it been edit different;the way they edit the film didn’t draw us in emotionally. I didn’t feel sorry for the chief character. This film had some good cameos such as Nås ans ASAP Rocky. That’s all the credit I can give for this film. 2 1/2 stars from me.

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