“Half Empty Half Full” Early Reviews

As an avid reader. I often look for different stories to keep myself entertained. When I saw this book cover, it piqued my curiosity. I absolutely loved this story. I rarely write reviews, but felt obligated to recommend this book.

The Pie lady 02/15/2021

Just read twice this book , in one week. This artist is a great storyteller.His tales can hold one spellbound from start to finish I encourage all I know to get a copy of this book and be joyfully entertained.

K.Thimas 02/02/2021

This book is really a good read… sad, good humor, thought provoking, motivating, enlightening…  Well done! —D.STOCCO 12/2020

Half Empty Half Full By D-Revolution was a joy to read, it was interesting, suspenseful and insightful. I was on edge turning the pages Just wondering what Niven was going to do next. The characters in the book were riveting., and they kept me captivated. This is a great read for anyone who wants to explore inner self I read in one sitting. I highly recommend this book.

– P. Okafor 01/2021

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on D-Revolution’s new book. This book was well written and a fun to read. Guess who is my new favorite Author! -M. Graham 01/2021

“This is a must read! Once I started it, I had to keep reading it to see how the plot unfolded. I practically read it in one sitting. Through his characters, D Rev conveys powerful examples of how personal decisions are life-changing so an individual must be mindful of what they’re doing. The tale of Niven is packed with so many lessons! This is the main one I grasped: Rather we consider our glass half empty or half full, we have the power to shape it into what we’d like our lives to be. I can’t wait for others to dive in to this masterpiece.”

– Tranyce 01/23/2021

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