“Half Empty Half Full” Early Reviews

Mannnnnnnnn when I tell you this book was good that’s a complete understatement. Do you hear me! It was so dope page for page it was juicy and full of wisdom. D-Rev, my guy you sir did not disappoint I read your book in 1 day it was so good I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this book. I can’t wait to read another one of your books!!!!!!✊🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

It was so well written I could hear his dad’s voice his mom’s voice Stacey and the girls his celly that bitch ass Ms.Davis even the opps not going to name names and ruin it but you know who I’m talking about man this book was so GOOD!

Nashelle Sanders 07/07/21

Reviewer: Kimberley Thompson

A riveting short story packed with powerful themes: love, gender roles, intersectionality, spiritual intervention and the impact of ones life choices is what author D-Revolution brings to us in his publication “Half Empty, Half Full: The Story of Stacy and Niven.”

Niven is a young black man who is in a committed relationship with Stacy, who he has a small daughter with. Niven had previously gotten into trouble and went to prison but through it all Stacy stayed by his side. When he returned from prison, he got Stacy pregnant again but she was determined not to have another child unless he married her, “I’m not going to keep having kids, and we are not married.” Niven eventually gives in and agrees to marry her.

However, although he is busy trying to rebuild his life in a good way, with Stacy’s help and loving support from his parents, Niven quickly finds himself in a bind after a former prison mate Rusty put his job in jeopardy, (or so he thought), by mentioning some things he would have rather kept hidden in front of his manager. “Rusty: You don’t recognize me, my nigga? Maybe if I gave you another blanket party you would feel more comfortable.”

Not brave enough to stick around for the consequences, Niven bailed from the job. He then planned to venture into business with his close friend, Jeff. However, business was not going in the direction he would have liked and he did not have the patience to stick around.

Soon enough, he returned to the streets, much to Stacy’s displeasure but he felt compelled to do it to take care of his family. Jeff tried to persuade Niven to turn away from the life he knew and look for an alternative, “You see that radio on the mantel? Turn it on… turn the station… each station has its own agenda… that means you need to change your frequency.”

Nonetheless, Niven saw the opportunity to make quick money and pledged to himself it would have been his last time. That one last time seemed to have put him at a crossroad where he was at stake to lose most of what was important to him forever: Stacy, his freedom and his father.

Niven underwent some spiritual intervention where he was given the opportunity to make a different choice, hence his life turned in a new direction.

The story was page-turning and the author crafted the characters so that they actually came to life on the pages. This book would be highly recommended for young adults. 06/20/2021

D-Revolution’s Half Empty Half Full give you hope, and make you feel better about love, life and death. He touches the human spirit. Dr. Floyd 05/31/2021.

I think so far this is one of the best books I’ve read in 2021. Half Empty Half Full is an amazing story filled with adventures that are at the same time emotional and heartwarming. The story revolved around two principal protagonists, Niven and Stacy. The story starts with all good in Niven’s life until things turn upside down when he ends up in jail due to the wrong decisions that he made in his life. The story is about living not only surviving, staying strong and seeing the worthiness of your own life. I loved the way the author has brought in the positivity and light towards the dark times faced by Niven by opening up the spiritual dimension and providing a positive pathway to come out of his struggles in his life. The story included many plot twists that made it very interesting to read. The chapters are brilliantly structured. I especially enjoyed the way the second half of the book was structured. Each chapter represented a specific emotion of the human mind, and it made sense. The writing style is lucid, and the author has expressed the narrative from a different point of views which made it very interesting to read. This is the first book I am reading that was authored by D-Revolution. I was just into the first 30 pages of the novel and I knew I was in the hands of a master storyteller. I’m amazed that everything is great about this book! The plot was unique, the setting was beautiful and well described, and the characters made me both laugh and cry. I would heartily recommend Half Empty Half Full and the story is so interesting that it can be reread multiple times to cherish it. I would honestly rate this book 5 out of 5 stars and It is a perfectly written book. I cannot wait to read the new books from D-Revolution sooner. 05/01/2021 -Arun

D-Revolution (Poet/Story Teller) has released his second book. As I expected, he did not disappoint me with this a GOOD READ! If you appreciate a well written novel with a clever and engaging story line… THIS IS IT! Treat yourself to this page turner. This literary work was so well written, not only did I feel a connection with some of the characters… I was also emotionally moved by multiple situations created by this raw author. *(sidebar note) This book inspired me to begin penning my first novel. Treat yourself to a really good read… Half Empty/Half Full By: D-Revolution Hakim the poet 04/23/2021 WWW.BLACKBOOKSFORUS.COM

Half Empty Half Full by D-Revolution is a brilliant book! The author touches on themes of choices and consequences cause and effect, family relationships and taking a look at one’s history and how it shapes our future and lives! You will find yourself cheering for Niven and that he will be successful in his life! You will be angry with him, cry for him and be thankful for the support system in his life! D-Revolution let us see a black man who grew up in a two parent home but still goes astray. He shows us how having people who hold you accountable is important in your life!

Cheryl 04/21/2021

Life is a game of choices that has a domino effect worth of consequences. It seems too easy to point fingers when life appears to hit rock bottom, but we must be reminded that this state doesn’t happen overnight. Author D-Revolution invites the reader to take a journey down the road of choices in his new book, “Half Empty Half Full”. The reader will find this book entertaining, relatable, and easy to read; however, the most important thing it will do is make the reader think about choices and consequence. It is exciting to have a book out that can speak directly to urban traps in a way that can give power back to the reader. Regardless of how hard a situation may appear, or the past one has, it is important to sit with a book that can empower you to change.

“Half Empty Half Full” can speak to any reader, but there is a specific message of accountability especially for young black men. Instead of writing a self-help, or preachy type of book, D-Revolution has decided to teach young black men about the power of choices, love, council divine intervention, and correction through crafting a story they can see. The book is written in a manner by which the reader will be able to visualize the settings, characters, and challenges as clear as if they were standing next to the situations. The challenges will feel very real, and reader will be able to clearly see how choices and consequences dictate life path. The reader will be able to bear witness to what happens when sound council is ignored for the idea, “I have to do what I have to do”. Through this book excused are stripped away; the reader will walk away from this experience wanting to evaluate their own choices to make positive changes.

Today many of our young black men are faced with hard decisions just to make ends meet. They live with a constant threat on their life from the powers that be, as well as within the community. Those that are blessed to have family, elders, and even a significant other that love them, must be able to see the wealth in that community. This is a community that would hold one spiritually and naturally accountable; there is great blessing and wisdom in such.Even when mistakes are made there is still the opportunity to right one’s path. It is important not to harbor a fear of success due to one’s own failures. It’s easy to have someone explain these concepts; but when you find your back is against the wall, they might feel hard to implement. D-Revolution has a heart for his community. He wants to see young black men and women slay the challenges they face. Through writing D-Revolution is giving a voice to the trials he knows many young black men are battling. “Half Empty Half Full” is another example of this dynamic author taking a stand with his pen to fight for his community. ( Read article here…

I recommend “Half Empty Half Full” by D-Revolution. This is a book that young brothers, and sisters, should read; they should allow themselves to meditate on what they see when reading. This book can show them in a very realistic tangible way how choices & consequences directly effect life. It can also remind them there is always a higher power, so they aren’t alone. This book can be found at https://thyblackman.com/2021/04/13/book-review-half-empty-half-full-forces-a-conversation-about-choices/ Christine Starr 04/07/2021

D. Revolution wrote a unique and thoroughly entertaining tale. Niven, and Stacy were the main characters/protagonists in this story. Everything centers around the lives of these two. There is quite the supporting cast of supporting characters: Rachael, Unique, Niven’s parents, Jeff, Mr. Fuqua, Jersey, BJ and Rusty and Ms. Davis. Niven’s life is turned upside down when he winds up in jail as the consequences of making bad choices and decisions. The story evolves from there and takes you to the most unexpected places. Scenes unfold that keep the reader on the edge of their seat. It was very engaging. There isn’t a moment of boredom. Every story has its antagonists. Ms. Davis and Rusty served their roles well. Let’s just say the reader really awaited their comeuppance. The pace that the story unfolded kept the reader intrigued from beginning to the end. Half Empty Half Full, had it all. Amazing plot development. Well developed characters and more. I highly recommend this story the plot twists alone makes it a story to be revisited over and over again. Chrerry Mar 13, 2021

This book was amazing and yes I read it all and thanks for sharing!!! Let me give you my full thoughts on this book about a man who loved his children’s mother and wanted to marry her and wanted to give her the life she deserved because she stuck through everything with him. Once he seen he couldn’t provide and do anything for his family things began to change for him and he thought there was no way out then he began make decisions thinking it would solve everything. I can’t give the whole story away but please read it because it was worth my time!!!!! Tee-Tee Giles  03/04/2021

As an avid reader. I often look for different stories to keep myself entertained. When I saw this book cover, it piqued my curiosity. I absolutely loved this story. I rarely write reviews, but felt obligated to recommend this book.

The Pie lady 02/15/2021

Just read twice this book , in one week. This artist is a great storyteller.His tales can hold one spellbound from start to finish I encourage all I know to get a copy of this book and be joyfully entertained.

K.Thimas 02/02/2021

This book is really a good read… sad, good humor, thought provoking, motivating, enlightening…  Well done! —D.STOCCO 12/2020

Half Empty Half Full By D-Revolution was a joy to read, it was interesting, suspenseful and insightful. I was on edge turning the pages Just wondering what Niven was going to do next. The characters in the book were riveting., and they kept me captivated. This is a great read for anyone who wants to explore inner self I read in one sitting. I highly recommend this book.

– P. Okafor 01/2021

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on D-Revolution’s new book. This book was well written and a fun to read. Guess who is my new favorite Author! -M. Graham 01/2021

“This is a must read! Once I started it, I had to keep reading it to see how the plot unfolded. I practically read it in one sitting. Through his characters, D Rev conveys powerful examples of how personal decisions are life-changing so an individual must be mindful of what they’re doing. The tale of Niven is packed with so many lessons! This is the main one I grasped: Rather we consider our glass half empty or half full, we have the power to shape it into what we’d like our lives to be. I can’t wait for others to dive in to this masterpiece.”

– Tranyce 01/23/2021

READ FIRST CHAPTER CLICK HERE: https://drevolution357.wordpress.com/2021/04/06/chapter-1-half-empty-half-full-edited-for-this-excerpt/

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