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on September 18, 2018
One Chance To Be A Man by D. Revolution is a story of life, of woe, survival, being complacent, success and growth….his life. This book kept me fully engaged and wondering what he would do next and/or what would happen next. We experience many points in his life and a few of those of his family members. Some I could understand, some I had to accept as is. It took me through a range of emotions and frustrations and I was glad when he started on HIS path. D. Revolution penned a story that was so real that one could see this story as it happened. It even answered a thing or two about men that I was curious of. Thank you for sharing and wishes for the best always.



This is a gritty autobiography of one man’s struggle to go beyond the life he was born into, to escape the violence and poverty of Chicago and choose a different way to live. I liked this book because the author was able to write about his successes and failures in a way that we can all relate to: life often feels like you take one step forward and two steps back. He asks the hard questions and is finding his answers. Sometimes even when you find your passion, it’s still a struggle and life doesn’t necessarily get any easier


on August 22, 2018
I truly enjoy this book from beginning to end. It kept my attention and I didnt want be put it. I recommend it to my mom.
on June 4, 2018
‘One Chance To Be A Man’ is the realist book I have read in a long time! It is intense and inspiring. Definitely a recommended read.


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May 20 at 7:21am · 

Indie Spotlight ‘One Chance to Be A Man’ by D-Revolution is a remarkable book reflecting on the life of a man coming up in the streets of Chicago trying to achieve his dreams of becoming a screenplay writer and poet; while constantly coming head to head with the perils of crime, poverty, family dysfunction, failed relationships, bad decisions, and the quest for inner peace.

One Chance To Be A Man is a beautifully prose.


I took a detour from what I planned to read this weekend to read One Chance To Be A Man by D-Revolution Spoken Word Man. I read it in one sitting. I classify books I read into two categories: Books that dissipate and Books that become part of my spirit. ‘One Chance To Be A Man’ is part of my spirit

on April 4, 2018
This book is a real page turner from beginning to end! I absolutely loved it. It gives a look into the mind of the writer as he endured life in the streets of Chicago. Waiting on part 2. Thanks for telling your story.


on April 14, 2018
Format: Perfect Paperback|Verified Purchase
A very good read my friend. This book brought back memories from when I was growing up in the Chi. Chicago is a tough city to live in.. Glad u weathered the storm my friend, keep your head up

April 7, 2018

I met D-Rev on the spoken word scene over 10 years ago. His poetry caught a lot of us Nashville poets by surprise! I was taken aback by his raw, gritty and real storytelling. This novel had the same effect on me. Each page is gripping and suspenseful – challenging me to take a deeper look at the heart of the Black Man. Learning about D-Rev’s childhood and the challenges of growing up exposed to violence, drugs, and gangs in Chicago helps me to understand the things that impact the way a man thinks. I recommend that If you are male or female, black or white, you need to read this book as it will help you solve the mystery of and understand the complexities of the heart and mind of a black man in America. I laughed. I cried. My heart went out to him as he bore his soul on those intense pages. From his desperation to survive to the relentless pursuit of his dreams, D-Revolution’s autobiography is one of the best I’ve read, worthy of the big screen. -Imani Rhema, Soul Food Poetry Cafe.


D-Revolution Bro!! Your book is phenomenal!! I almost finished it in one sitting!! Your story needs to be on the big screen, small screen, streamed or on stage!! Man, powerful stuff here. Proud of you my dude!! You were always a special talent and you definitely have my support in any of your endeavors!! Real talk. Stay up my dude!! -Andre Snell


Excellent Book!! If you haven’t ordered your copy please be advised you’re missing out on a very Good book this is the best book I have read this year!

Thank you D-Revolution you really opened my eyes about some things.


💖 -Fatima


SO I JUST FINISHED YOUR BOOK. “Storytelling is such s vital source of energy in our world, and D-Revolution’s stories have definitely taken their place in history” –J.Ivy Grammy Award winner, Author, and Def Poetry Jam poet, DEFINITELY MADE ME CRY damn trials and tribulations thank you for sharing.I REALLY ENJOYED IT! -Frashon
Congratulations to D-Revolution Spoken Word Man on his book. It was a great read! Absolutely loved it. Yall check out his website i promise you won’t be disappointed..
Thealda BonnerLatham

April 3, 2018

Format: Perfect Paperback
I consider myself to be an avid reader and I usually start with the introduction, it let’s me know if I want to read the book now or later.
I must admit this introduction got me…hook, line and sinker. I
I’m not into autobiographies, but this book is not that kind of read; this is the kind of read that you have to share with others…it’s motivational and inspiring, it let’s you know that just because you’re raised in a certain kind of environment doesn’t mean that’s the kind of life you have to live.
I could go on and on about this book and the author but I won’t. Bravo D. Revolution 👍👌👊

April 1, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This book kind of surprised me. I decided to read this memoir, without expectations, mainly just knowing of this writer through his poetry. His memoir left me with a mixture of emotions, from page to page, especially with my not being able to “guess” what might be happening next. I’ve never read anything quite like this, and then to keep remembering that is someone’s truth–it’s deep stuff. Talk about a survivor–someone who’s greatness is birthed through such pain and hardship. One Chance To Be a Man has really touched my heart. It’s a powerful read, and I appreciate D. Revolution allows us in to view the footage of his life. Now, when’s the film coming out???
Cathy Anderson

March 20, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I am quite impressed with the author’s ability to write taking me as the reader into his world. It’s easy reading with just enough details. I often had to remind myself that this is not one of those “stories” of fantasy that I am used to reading but this is a part of someone’s real life. So kudos to the author of the book! D-Rev and his writing abilities are awesome. I definitely look forward to reading more to come.

March 22, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
One chance to be a man is a quick read. Read it in only two sittings, do not let that fool you that it’s an easy read. Gritty and real, it offers insight on the plight of growing up in a harsh environment and the realizations and actions to make it out of that environment successfully. I would definitely recommend it.
Kindle Customer

March 12, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
“One Chance To Be A Man” gives an in-depth account of the author’s journey from boyhood to manhood. It is filled with gritty accounts of life altering situations. Every page is filled with drama, intrigue, and the will to survive. You will not want to put this book down until you have read the very last page.I highly recommend you get this book today and get started on this exciting literary journey. It is a great book. I loved every minute of it!


This book is passionate, articulate, and creative. “One Chance to Be a Man” unapologetically describes the frustrations felt from a life filled with intense and consecutive challenges. D-Revolution’s ability to evoke strong images with his gritty and honest reflections of the past and present creates a 3-D image for the reader with his intense descriptions. The book focuses on the writer’s introspection and self-actualization despite painful hallmarks in his life. This book is a testament to D-Revolution’s success as a writer and a man.


This book has taken story-telling to another level..The first chapter prepares you for the journey.. You can hear the honesty and pain his voice. I give 4-stars because he leaves you wanting more..When the last chapter finishes you’ll call a friend and share what you just read. THIS IS A COLLECTOR’S ITEM..


Chicago poet and first-time author D-Revolution’s book may become the most important book in Black America. -Dr. Kenneth Bowers.



“Storytelling is such s vital source of energy in our world, and D-Revolution’s stories have definitely taken their place in history” –J.Ivy Grammy Award winner, Author, and Def Poetry Jam poet

“D-Revolution paints a poetic picture of the urban landscape with his writing” –Carl Seaton, Writer, and Director

“A true revolutionary, D-Revolution is one of the most prolific writers on the scene today. The rest of the world needs to get on board with D-Revolution” –Dr. Sandra Holt

“D-Revolution is a very gifted and exceptional writer, who delivers uplifting and powerful messages while captivating his reader” -Janiro Hawkin II, Founder, Southern Entertainment Awards

“ D-Revolution.. your words bring worlds.” –Saul Williams, actor and poet


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