Miss Virginia( A Netflix Review)

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Miss VirginiaWhen I review a movie, I look for the original story -telling, acting and overall execution. It doesn’t matter if a movie is black or white. Miss Virginia is a film based on a true story, but lacks strong execution, I’ve seen several people voiced that they liked this film mainly because of what the film represent and not because it’s a good movie. Miss Virginia went in a zigzag direction when it should have gone down a straight line. What I mean is they added the neighborhood drug dealer to bring drama to the story, but this film would have work without that distraction.  The drug dealer was pointless for what the film represented. If a mother works that hard for equal education, wouldn’t she works just as hard to keep the drug dealers away from her son? This message in this movie is never give up, but it tried really hard to be something it was not. If you want to see a movie on triumph and never giving up that will leave a tear in your eye watch ” The Theory of Everything.” Miss Virginia get 2 stars from me . It had potential, but fell short. Join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/471321439900164/

Tallulah ( A Netflix Review)

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I’ve always been a fan of Ellen Page. “Tallulah” Allison Janney and Ellen Page teams up again for this pointless film that was far more different from “Juno.” I enjoy watching both actresses interact with each other. This film became confusing and left me scratching my head. When it came to the character Nicco, I didn’t understand his significance and how he magically showed up in the middle of the film poorly executed. I believe some may like this film, but it is a no from me..2 stars..Join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/471321439900164/

Truth or Dare (A Netflix Review)

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“Truth or Dare.” We’ve all played this game..This concept as a movie can be fun if executed correctly. Unfortunately that is not the case here. In the beginning, you have a bunch of teenagers who goes to this house for fun, Wow! That is original. Yeah right, but wait a minute, they have to play truth or dare with the house. Okay, that’s different good concept, but you have one problem a bunch of dumbass teenagers who made the house look like a genius. The house asked one particular boy to hang himself and provided the rope all the boy had to do was hang himself with another body part besides his neck. Any way that was a huge flaw in this film. I give it 2 stars..Join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/471321439900164/Truth or DAre

A Separation ( A Netflix review)

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A Separation“The Separation” A Great film. Great storyline. This movie keeps you glued to the t.v. This film show and proves people will be people no matter what ethnicity.  If I say more, I will spoil the movie. I say it’s worth your time. I give it 4 star join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/471321439900164/

Horse Girl (A Netflix Review )

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Horse Girl left me with 3 questions. What? When? Where? This film explained nothing and if it did, I missed it. It seems they made this movie for the people who study alien abductions or who follows this culture. Personally for me I didn’t know what the hell was going on. My head was spinning by the time I got to the end of this film. I say if you’re an alien abductee (is that a word) you may like this film or better yet if you’re an alien this may be good entertainment for you, but 2 stars from me. Join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/471321439900164/

Who killed Malcolm X ( A Netflix Review)

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Malcom X“Who killed Malcolm X,” was a very revealing documentary, and I enjoyed it, but it was a bit slow. They stretched it out over 6 episodes when it could have easily been 3.  Elijah Muhammad has always been a great interest of mine and I did appreciate the documentary going a little deep and showing us how powerful Elijah Muhammad was. I give this documentary 3 stars and say it’s worth your time. Join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/471321439900164/

The Pharmacist (A Netflix Review)

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the pharmacist

Well executed! Great story! Kept me glued to the T.V. The pharmacist is a great docuseries.  I can explain how I was so intrigued by the way the stories were told. Netflix has some great documentaries. This movie really exposed many high profile organizations such as the FBI, DEA and police if you’re able to open you’re able to see through all the bullshit. This documentary makes you ask the question about our government. The opioid addiction crisis is very real. I give this 4 stars. Definitely worth your time! Join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/471321439900164/

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