Love Jones (Netflix Classics)

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I was happy when I seen Netflix acquired the cult classic Love Jones. Love Jones has always been a movie ahead of it’ time. This movie never get old. If you have not seen it you’re in for a treat. Great dialogue. Great Love story. This film shows the black experience from a different perspective. You will not be disappointed. A 5 star movie!


The Home is where the Killer is (Netflix Review)

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Let’s face it we have seen this formula before. The mentally deranged roommate and the best friend who tries to warn the victim. We’ve seen it all before. If you like crazy, deranged movies like this you may appreciate this one, but there is nothing new here. In fact, the character Benjamin in this film disappears and was irrelevant. If you’re going to make a film like this at least give us closure on all the characters. 2 stars on this one!one..Please go to the right-hand corner and click the bellhome-is-where-the-killer-is-netflix-review

Castlevania (Netflix review)

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Surprise surprise! My now ex-wife wanted to see Castlevania, because she loved animations. I was against it, but after two episodes it hooked me like a fish; you will not be disappointed with the two seasons of Castlevania. Dark and graphic with great story -telling. I found myself upset when I watched the last episode it leaves you wanting more. I give it  4 1/2 stars. Please click on subscribe in the right upper corner!


Imperial Dreams (Netflix Jewel)

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Netflix diversity is what makes this Network great. John Boyega notably known for his role in star wars, play an ex-convict and writer in an honest film called Imperial Dreams. This film gives an inside look of one’s desires versus his reality. Glenn Plummer mostly known for his films in the 90s such as “Colors and South Central,” gives a great performance. I personally related to this film because I love to write but my environment didn’t care what my passion was. In “Imperial Dreams” the reality is what it is, and the film doesn’t apologise for it. Thie film does leave you with a smiling face. I say give it a chance. Please subscribe to my blog for more reviews.

Imperial Dreams

Master Z (Netflix review)

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I’ve been a long time fan of Asian movies not only Kung Fu, but Master Z is an extension of the IP man series starting Donnie Yen.  Master Z lost to IP Man and vowed never to fight again, but troubles comes his way and he is forced to fight (not a shocker) The movie unfolds different plots and mischief among characters. This movies turn into something else besides the story it originally set out to be. Master Z does offer great fight scenes if you only want action and not a plot this movie will be fine. Like most Asian movies particularly Chinese films focus more on the look of the film than the actual story. I’m in the middle on this one if you’re looking for entertainment this is for you, but if you looking for a story, you’ll be disappointed.  Please subscribe to my blog by clicking the bell in the right corner.

Master Z

RattleSnake (Netflix review)

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I’m not sure what I witnessed. Rattle snake was simply a title to reel you in. The title was more fascinating than the movie. Starring Carmen Ejogo a British actress who tries to get her daughter help for a snake bite, but nothing is clear after that. The movie does a poor job of developing a precise story. You find yourself rewinding the film to understand what just happened. Poorly developed. I would avoid this one. Netflix rejection!




American Honey (Netflix Jewel)

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Netflix has many jewels in their inventory. American Honey is one of them. American Honey starring Shia Lebeouf who is known for his role in The Transfomers delivers an unforced great performance. The film is risky, fun and well acted. However, the film doesn’t make a valid point, but It makes you feel young as you watch a group of young kids traveling the country selling magazines and the extremes they will take to make a sell. American Honey allows you to take a ride with them and watch how it fells to be young and free. This is a Netflix recommendation. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG FOR MORE REVIEWS..American Honey.jpg

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